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About Us

At Arch Auto, our passion is about cars; we are passionate about finding you the right car, too. Located in the heart of Manhattan, we started our business in 2019, but our experience extends far beyond that. We’re here to serve as your ultimate vehicle consultant, we believe in advising our customers on the best deals available on the market, and we strive to help by offering the vehicles that are most suitable to their needs. Join us today and hop in your next dream car, the journey awaits! 

What we do



Buying a car has never been easier. We would assign an experienced team member to work through the entire process with you, from picking your dream car to registering it, and we don't charge document fees like some other dealerships do.

All of our cars are hand picked, good condition vehicles that are ready to hit the road for many more miles. Good cars + good people, at we try our best to provide you with an easy, stress-free car buying experience.



Selling your vehicle might not be an easy task, that's why at Arch Auto, we offer two solutions to help you. First is to sell the car on consignment - you can hold on to your vehicle, while we look for potential buyers for you. The second is to let us do an appraisal then provide you with an offer - both of these two solutions have easy processes, and our professional team members would try their best to help selling your current vehicle at a price that worth its value. 



The relationship between our clients and us does not stop when a deal closes. Instead, we will be available to answer any questions a client might have after purchasing a vehicle. Whether it's about general maintenance, car care, or even vehicle customization, we would have the answers and recommendations.

If you encounter any special situations regarding driving or using the vehicle, we can suggest best possible solutions to the specific scenario as well. If one day there's something that confuses you, don't hesitate to give us a ring!



Not ready to buy your own yet, but need a car quick?

Whether it is for a weekend gateway, a short business trip, or a family road trip, we got you covered!

Just submit your preferred pickup date, time needed, our team member will get back to you as soon as possible with our selection of cars.