CarFun has been promoting Groucar in North America. Our customers can expect us to enhance their car purchasing experience by succeeding in four aspects: vertical marketing channel, quality assured product, minimized purchase price and immediate customer support. Our licensed entity houses highly-trained teams with decades of experience in different areas of the automotive industry. Members of CarFun have been serving customers all over the States in regard to their needs in car buying, selling, maintenance, customization, transportation and legal support.


What we do



The GrouCar process starts when we assign an experienced team member to you. From selecting your dream car to transporting it, during the entire process, our support is always there to help.

All of our cars are hand-picked, good condition vehicles that are ready to hit the road for many more miles. Each vehicle comes with a history report, and is also inspected by a certified third party to give you a complete understanding of the vehicle’s condition before purchasing. Here, being transparent is what we do.

As for price, because of our unique strategies, we are able to minimize operating costs and pass the savings to you; aside from that, there are no hidden fees or fine prints like some other dealerships have, making our prices the most compatible on the market.

With GrouCar, buying a car has never been more satisfying.



 The relationship between our clients and us does not stop when a deal closes. As our client, you would have access to all of our automotive knowledge. For anything you encounter in your car life, our experienced team members would have the answers for you, whether it's about general maintenance, car care, or even special situations regarding driving or using of your vehicle. Here we try our best to help you with your car ownership experience, don't hesitate to give us a ring! 



From maintenance to customization, from transportation to storage, our team can handle them all.

Maintenance is key to a great-running vehicle, with proper car care, your car is able to give you many more trouble-free miles of service down the road, plus, you would benefit from good resale value when the time comes.

Want something extra from your vehicle? Or want to have a unique ride? We are not new to the world of vehicle customization, whether you own a car or truck, we got new plans for it!

Relocating to another State and can’t drive your car? No problem, we can help you safely transport your vehicle to the destination.

Visiting another country and fear that no one would look after your ride? We got you covered! Your vehicle will be in good hands with the caring it deserves; you can expect to have your vehicle back to you in healthy condition even after months.

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